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Your relationship with your partner can be your GREATEST asset.

And life can be a fairy tale… if you make sure you are prepared for the potential uninvited stressors. They always turn up and without the right planning, things can go horribly wrong. Let’s identify the ‘big three’ stressors now:

  • Finance
  • Intimacy
  • Family

Let’s get serious for a moment…

The Happy Couple’s Blueprint is all about creating the right planning … it is NOT counselling or couple's therapy. It is a blueprint that heads off stressors before they manifest, keeping your relationship on the right path. And when you feel you’re being pulled off the path, it gives you pre-determined strategies to get back on the path.

Very simply, your blueprint is a practical approach to “the hard stuff”, so that your more passionate, easier, closer relationship will continue to emerge in full force.

We help you by taking the angst out of the sometimes really difficult (but necessary) conversations around the ‘big three’, and equip you and your partner with a plan … to live happily ever after! It just takes 3 Steps - click here to find out more.

What Others Are Saying…

Going through the process of creating a (happy couple’s) blueprint for our future together was a truly invaluable experience. Not only did we get to agree on some previously ‘don’t go there’ areas in our relationship, we now both feel a thousand times more excited about our future together, and that we’re going to be rock solid together as we face life’s ups and downs.
Lasni Perera, Brisbane

Why the Happy Couple’s Blueprint?