3 Steps

Happy Couple Holding Hands
Taking the steps to achieving an amazing & life-long relationship with your partner …

The Happy Couple’s Blueprint is exactly what it says … it’s a unique process for facilitating couples to help them get everything ‘on the table’ as to what THEY want individually out of their relationship.
For many otherwise loving couples, this is the ‘missing piece’ in their relationship. And that’s a huge shame. It’s this lack of clarity UP FRONT in a relationship that fuels the tensions and yes, arguments.

Yet with a little bit of professional facilitation and our unique process, we help you address all of these areas, and actually set a PLAN that both partners ‘sign up to’.

The 3 Steps:


STEP 1: Discover…Your dreams, your views, your goals.

Your Happy Couple’s Blueprint facilitator speaks with you and your partner separately. This initial step is to ensure each of you has the opportunity to think about and articulate your own views, your own ideas, attitudes, dreams and goals when it comes to your relationship and the ‘big three’ … Finance, Intimacy and Family. Almost NO couples do this in any formalised way … which is a major contributor to the relationship breakdowns that sadly occur every day.

STEP 2: Discuss…so you are really hearing your partner, and really being heard.

You and your partner jump online together with your facilitator (or if you are in the Greater Brisbane Region you have the option to meet in person if you would prefer) to mould and shape your individual views, ideas, attitudes and goals into a mutual vision of how you want your life together to be. The key to this process is ensuring you are really hearing your partner … and being heard.

STEP 3: Decide…your ‘happiness’ path together with clarity.

This is where we help you create your Happy Couple’s Blueprint! Your truly personalised partnership blueprint. A clear and concise statement of your joint relationship resolutions, values, goals and vision. That way you’ll have freed up your energy to enjoy your partner and the life you build together.

Of course, life is ALWAYS a ‘work-in-progress’, so a vital function of the blueprint is to outline the things you agree on, the contentious things you need to work more on as a couple – and importantly, set out the ground rules to help you discuss these things in a supportive, non- confrontational way in the future. A plan worth its weight in gold, wouldn’t you agree?

You deserve the relationship you always planned to have.  Call us today on 07 3103 3225 or fill out our contact form, and I will contact you within the next working day. Plan to live happily ever after….