What is the Happy Couple’s Blueprint all about?

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Hello, I’m Anabel Newton the creator of the Happy Couple’s Blueprint, and if you are one of those switched on couples who know that your relationship is awesome, and also recognise there is great value in investing in it to ensure it continues to grow your passionate happy future together – then make yourself at home because you’re in the right place!

Here’s how the Happy Couple’s Blueprint can help you take charge of your relationship so that your happier, easier more passionate connection can emerge in full force.

Despite what it may seem some times, your great relationship did not happen by accident.  You are doing some things right now that make your relationship amazing.  Keeping it that way (and making it EVEN better) can become a challenge if you let it and before you even realise it.

What I know and believe is that everyone can enjoy the relationship of their dreams well into their future with just a few proactive changes to their communication style and mindset …  changes that can be learnt and taught.  

Our Happy Couple’s Blueprint 3 Step collaborative process enables you to identify those areas that need to be tweaked in your relationship and the tools to continue to create your own constantly improving relationship.

You can read more about the 3 Steps to creating an amazing and life-long relationship with your partner  here.

The ‘why’ behind the Happy Couple’s Blueprint

About Anabel Newton

Anabel Newton

Anabel Newton LLB BA Accredited Mediator NMAS,  and Creator of The Happy Couple’s Blueprint

Anabel is a nationally accredited mediator experienced in the art of helping you and your partner create an even more passionate, easy and fun relationship through clearer and deeper communication.  Anabel graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in 2009 with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology, and is a nationally accredited mediator.

During the final 2 years of her university studies she worked as a paralegal for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, and following her graduation she was the Associate to her Honour Judge Fleur Kingham of the District Court of Queensland, inaugural Deputy President of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

As a result of working with her Honour Judge Kingham, Anabel gained a new appreciation and love for creative thinking, straight forward problem solving and mediation.   She completed her mediation training at QCAT with Senior Member Peta Stilgoe OAM and Prof Adrian Ashman before travelling to Canada with her husband to spend time with family.

Whilst in Canada Anabel had the opportunity to intern with St Stephen’s Community House Conflict Resolution and Training in Toronto where she did further training in interpersonal conflict resolution and case management.  At the same time Anabel also had an opportunity to work as a team member on a revolutionary project headed up by Producer, Olympian and Entrepreneur Sylvia Sweeney: The ArtsGames.

Working with dedicated, socially conscious and inspiring individuals throughout her career fuelled Anabel’s determination to turn her passion for positive relationship outcomes, into something solid that creates real change in people’s relationships.  So, the Happy Couple’s Blueprint was born.