Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus?

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Hello Happy Campers! We are taking a mid-season break from the Superhero Soap Opera. If this is the first time you have ever stumbled upon my little bit of Internet Real Estate – you can see the first episode right here:

Now, on to today’s topic: Stereotypes!!

Do you find yourself unconsciously subscribing to gender (and other) stereotypes? I know I often unconsciously do even though I try my darnedest not to.

We are all unique individuals – there are over 7 billion TRUE ways to see the world. And despite how you feel sometimes in the moment of an argument (i.e. that you are completely right and the other person just needs to see “the light”) no one can ever see the world exactly like you do.

My main issue with the whole “men are fro mars and women are from venus” paradigm is it doesn’t really take into account the diverse world we’re living in today.

Gender, sexuality, culture, religion – they are all variables that have an impact on our world view. Personality tests, love languages, mars v venus analogies are all interesting tools that allow us to learn more about ourselves and each other. However, none of those things are set in stone. We change day to day – the world around us changes and as I hinted at before, truth really is subjective.

Having said ALL of the above, I also don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bath water. You can always learn something from somebody else’s perspective.

SO, on that note … I’d like to share this video by Mark Gungor. He has been working with couples for decades, he is clearly passionate about what he does and as a plus – he is very entertaining.

He is also a pastor from a certain generation and his world view is clearly reflected in his observations.

Go check out his analysis on Men vs Women’s brains – and let me know what you think. I definitely learned something for my relationship with Daniel, in-spite of my temptation to be straight up offended by his dismissive categorising of people’s brains on the basis of gender.

The existence of “the nothing box” confirmed by my significant other – was as a genuine revelation. I mean, who knew there was such a box??

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Stereotypes lose their power when the world is found to be more complex than the stereotype would suggest. When we learn that individuals do not fit the group stereotype, then it begins to fall apart.

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