How do you deal with your partner’s past when it becomes part of your life?

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Hello and welcome to the latest episode of the Monday Quickie Superhero Soap Opera edition! You can catch the first episode here, and last week’s episode here.

Everyone carries a little bit (or a lot!) of past relationship baggage. We can’t change the past. We can learn from the past, we can dwell on it, we can worry about it – but we absolutely can’t change it. We also can’t change our partner’s past or the way they feel about their past relationships…

In today’s episode I want you to pay attention to 2 things.

1. The words Bruce uses to describe his ex; and
2. The assumptions they each make about the way their partner “should” react.

Questions for you and your partner:

1.) How do you think Bruce and Selina tackled this discussion?

2.) Have you ever had a similar “discussion” with your partner?

3.) In what way is their relationship similar or different to yours?

Please start and join the conversation below and if you are enjoying this series, please let us know in the comments below!

The Superhero Soap Opera is a joint project brought to you by the super talented Daniel Newton of DGN Productions and me :). Make sure to head over to Daniel’s blog to check out art, comics and stories that are awesomely out of this world (but totally part of mine).

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Quote: The past is never where you think you left it - Katherine Anne Porter

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