The Superhero Soap Opera Episode 1: Bruce comes clean to Selina

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Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Superhero Soap Opera!

There is very solid research showing that watching and discussing movies with your significant other can drastically reduce your likelihood of divorce.

Inspired by this research and the logic behind it (being that, the discussion and analysis of relationship conflict with your partner makes you more self aware of your own behaviour and communication patterns) Daniel of DGN Productions and I have created this Superhero Soap Opera for your entertainment (ok…and ours) and to spark discussion.

Communication is complicated – but as with anything – prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. Check out Episode 1 below and when you’re done, please take the time to discuss the discussion questions with your partner.

Questions for you and your partner:

1.) How do you think Bruce and Selina tackled this discussion?

2.) Have you ever been in a similar situation (minus the whole superhero/supervillain thing)?

3.) In what way was their relationship similar or different to yours?

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Superhero Soap Opera Episode 1