The Superhero Soap Opera Episode 2: Clark and Diana Prepare to Meet The Future In-Laws

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Episode 2 of The Superhero Soap Opera (SSO) is a firecracker, bringing you more CCC (Classic Couple Conflict)! If you missed episode 1 make sure you go back and watch it here.

Today, it’s all about (cue dramatic suspense music…dun dun dun): the in-laws! They get a bad rap – particularly in the early stages of a relationship. The majority of us tend to be protective of “our own” which can make us quick to defend… and quick to be offended when we feel “our own” are under attack.

In today’s episode I’d like you to pay attention to 3 key things (in addition to the award winning voice acting… and cinematic brilliance):

1.) How the conversation quickly went from chatty to snarky
2.) The overall tone in which Clark & Diana speak with one another
3.) The way Clark in particular deals with conflict

Questions for you and your partner:

1.) How do you think Diana and Clark tackled this discussion?

2.) Have you ever been in a similar “discussion” with your partner?

3.) In what way is their relationship similar or different to yours?

Please start and join the conversation below and if you are enjoying this series, please let us know in the comments below!

The Superhero Soap Opera is a joint project brought to you by the super talented Daniel Newton of DGN Productions and me :). Make sure to head over to Daniel’s blog to check out art, comics and stories that are awesomely out of this world (but totally part of mine).

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Superhero Soap Opera Episode 2 Clark & Diana