What happens when your partner thinks you “should” be a certain way?

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Do traditional gender roles effect your relationship?

We live in an increasingly diverse and every changing world. Obviously there’s room for improvement, but we have to acknowledge that more than ever before we have freedom to pursue whatever career or lifestyle calls to us.

Gender roles are no longer dictated – this is an awesomely amazing brilliant thing. However, it also means that gender roles are no longer clear. It leaves us all in this strange awkward limbo-land. On one hand, we want to believe whole heartedly that boys and girls are equally smart, equally capable and equally valuable.

Then… we find ourselves in a relationship and BAM it turns out we still have a lot of assumptions about feminine and masculine roles.

When you watch today’s episode of the Superhero Soap Opera try reflecting on your own relationship – do you find yourself modelling traditional gender roles without even thinking about it?

I’m not saying its a good or bad thing – its just a really good thing to be aware of.

Questions for you and your partner:

1.) How do you think Wonder Woman and Superman handles this discussion?

2.) Have you ever had a similar “discussion” with your partner?

3.) In what way is their relationship similar or different to yours?

Please start and join the conversation below and if you are enjoying this series, please let us know in the comments below!

The Superhero Soap Opera is a joint project brought to you by the super talented Daniel Newton of DGN Productions and me :). Make sure to head over to Daniel’s blog to check out art, comics and stories that are awesomely out of this world (but totally part of mine).

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Quote: How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ― Maya Angelou

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